Purpose Statement

The UC San Diego Business Excellence Community of Practice (BE-CoP) is a consortium of local communities of practice for:

  • Change Management 
  • Continuous Improvement based on Lean Six Sigma
  • Project Management 

These communities represent a group of professionals, informally bound to one another through shared interests as change agents, business improvement practitioners, aspirational entry- and mid-level professionals, managers, and strategists to foster operational excellence.

Goal Statement

The BE-CoP leverages resources across UC San Diego to build a broad and diverse network of practitioners who are interested in creating an agile, sustainable, and supportive infrastructure and a culture of continuous improvement. Our purpose is to enhance organizational insight, business judgement, and strategic acumen by capitalizing on our collective knowledge of UC San Diego Program/Project/Process Management Initiatives.

Through the sharing of a common language and experiences, we strive to use this forum to share tips, best practices, resources, and institutional knowledge to align and support our organizational missions.

Steering Committee

The BE-CoP is governed by a Steering Committee consisting of 6 elected officials. The six steering committee positions and responsibilities are:
  • Chair: Facilitate monthly steering committee meetings, solicit agenda items, identify action items, develop annual report.
  • Chair-elect (next incoming Chair): Assist and perform all the duties of the chair as needed.
  • Events & Programs Committee Chair: Plan monthly BE-CoP events, i.e. workshops, bookclubs, general membership meetings, and conferences. Record and publish event content, inform accreditation programs, as appropriate. Lead Program & Events committee meetings. Attend and give updates at monthly steering committee meetings.
  • Membership, Communication &  Outreach Committee Chair: Plan, promote, and grow membership for BE-CoP, retain membership statistics, develop annual membership plan including membership and outreach campaign, track membership data, encourage healthy information exchange between members, define and manage BE-CoP promotional materials like brochures, flyers, and other branded items. Lead Membership committee meetings. Attend and give updates at monthly steering committee meetings. 
  • Operations Chair: Administration of steering committee meetings including location and remote capability set-up, capture and publish meeting minutes, capture and assign action items, secure sponsorship by OSI, manage budget (typically $1500/year). Attend and give updates at monthly steering committee meeting.
  • Website & Technology Chair: Build, maintain, and evolve the BE-CoP web presence, including online structure and systems for information storage and publishing, member communication, discussion forum, email list, etc. Attend and give updates at monthly steering committee meeting.

Chairperson Election & Term

Chairpersons are elected by the BE-CoP regular membership on an annual basis, where the Co-Chair is identified as the next incoming Chair. The election is held during the month of November with official term commencing at the start of the new calendar year. Each Chairperson's term lasts through one calendar year. When voting actions are necessary, each member carries one vote, and the Chairpersons shall confirm the necessary information is available to BE-CoP members before proceeding with a vote; the vote concludes when a majority are in agreement, and Chairpersons shall record the vote. The BE-CoP steering committee meets monthly to provide guidance on events, community building, and outreach activities.

Meet the 2017-2018 Steering Committee:

 RoleName Contact (append @ucsd.edu)
 Co-ChairMojgan A. Amini  mojgan
 Co-Chair Ahren Crickard acrickard
 Events & ProgramCommitteeChair Lynn Underwood lunderwood
 Membership, Communication & Outreach Committee Chair Monique Pascucci mpascucci
 Operations Chair Bradley Sollenberger bsollenberger
 Website & Technology Chair Shawn Munro srmunro

To learn more about these Committees and Roles visit the Committees and Roles Document